Tempo Newsletter – Jul 2016


July 1, 2016 Edition

Welcome to the Summer Edition of TEMPO!

Your DSDCTA Board has been meeting regularly and working diligently to make your GMO the best it can be.  The board meetings have been held on Tuesday evenings via telephone conference usually scheduled for 7 PM or 7:30 PM and lasting until 8:30 or 9 PM and sometimes later if necessary.  Yes, we have a lot to talk about!  The Board has met for this year on June 14, May 31, February 6, and January 12.  I want to thank each and every Board Member for their dedication to DSDCTA.  Your Board Members are all your Chapter Presidents and two Chapter Liaisons, plus the regular officer positions which I will list as follows and hope that you will contact them if you have a question or concern.  This information and more can be found in the Deep South Dressage and Combined Training Association Membership Guide of 2016.  If you do not have a copy of the Membership Guide please feel free to contact me or anyone else on the Board to secure a copy.  Also contained in the Membership Guide are the DSDCTA By-Laws, Policy and Procedures, Awards Program Information and Important Dates, Sponsorship Package, Membership Forms for each Chapter of DSDCTA and contact information.

Ruthanne Faine–Gardner, President 850-929-4991 kosakejv@yahoo.com

Jan Fernald, Vice President 850-803-8632 janf@mchsi.com

Kimmie Taylor, Secretary 850-9532 taylork@comcast.net

Jan Fernald, ECC President 850-803-8632 janf@mchsi.com

Kelly Waldner, ECC Liaison 571-213-3965 waldnerk1224@gmail.com

Taashina Heiser, FLBA President 941-730-9150 basiliorhf@gmail.com

Debbie Calvalcante, FLBA Liaison 251-234-1350 the integratedrider@gmail.com

Leslie Hodges, FLBA Liaison lesliesshatzi@aol.com

EJ Hemingway-Marnell, HC President 352-362-5131 peakperformanceequine@hotmail.com

Roberta(Bobbi)Bulger, HC Liaison 352-208-8330 rbulg@hotmail.com

Tracey True, HC Liaison 513-604-3445 ttrue2@hotamil.com

Amanda Richards, NWFL President 850-691-2794

Susan Bradley, NWFL Liaison 334-308-9245

Karen Watson, NWFL Liaison 850-257-6841

Ruthanne Faine-Gardner, President SV 850-929-4991 kosakejv@yahoo.com

Faye Altman, SV Liaison 229-242-6575

Sherri Mallory, DSDCTA Awards Chair 850-277-0579 spmmallory@yahoo.com

After a Board Meeting your President and Chapter Liaisons bring the information discussed at the Board Meeting back to you, the Chapter members, to discuss at your next Chapter General Membership Meeting.  Some of the topics discussed at the Board Meetings have been:

  1. Our DSDCTA Regional Championship Schooling Show scheduled for September 24 at WillowBend South and hosted and sponsored by DSDCTA’s NWFL Chapter and Willowbend South, MaryJane and Bill Benson.  Championship, Open and Sport Horse Classes will be available.  A Prize List will be out soon!  If you are considering to ride in a Championship Classes please forward a copy of a 60% or greater, signed score sheet with your entries in order to compete in the Championship Classes for each of your choices!  Trophies have been ordered and some sponsorships have already been secured!  There will also be a Silent Item Auction, so if you are planning to attend as a competitor or participant, please donate something to the auction!  The more items..the more fun!  We still could use some volunteers.  Please contact Amanda Richards if you would like to donate your time or an item!  Thank you!
  2. DSDCTA has hired Digital Marketing and IT Services to help us get our new web site off and running. Perhaps we can compete for the BEST USDF GMO Website once we are flying!!!  If you have pictures, or articles you would like to see on the web site please send them to aaron@aaronrich.com If you have suggestions or ideas of how or what you would like to see on the web site please contact Jan or myself.  We are looking to make this the best web site and user friendly, too.  Each Chapter will have their own page, as well as a sponsors page, our sponsorship program page, calendar, scores, history page, TEMPO page, sales page, shopping page, list of DSDCTA Membership without tele or email info(privacy issue), and lots of buttons for quick and easy access to USDF, USEF, etc.
  3. The DSDCTA Awards Banquet will be at the SanDestin Hotel in Destin on Saturday, January 14, 2017! Please mark your calendars! Those who participated last year had a terrific time!

We have purchased the awards……but we’re not telling what they are……..?????

  1. Camp at Timpoochee was a success and everyone had a great time!
  2. We have a New Sponsorship Program which has step by step advice as to how to approach a prospective sponsor. Thank you Tashina for developing this program! There is a Sponsorship for everyone…from the smallest amount to a greater amount with a gift for each sponsor from DSDCTA.  Please ask your Chapter President to review the NEW Sponsorship Program with you and your Chapter!
  3. Regional Championships for 2017 or 2018 have been discussed and we will be caravanning to the Horse Park to check it out.
  4. Jan, Becky and Linda will be attending the Regional Championships as non- riders. Upon their return, we hope they will have suggestions for DSDCTA as what it takes to organize a Regional Championships since we haven’t done this in many years.


What’s Happening in Our Sister Chapters???

FloraBama Chapter started the summer with a four week Yoga For Equestrians Workshop, hosted by long time yoga instructor and member of FLBA, Debbie Calvalcante.  The first session was on June 8th and the following sessions will continue every Monday night through June.  This is a “Bring a Friend” event and they are happy to announce they have a few new members to welcome to their chapter.  As the weather is heating up, they are working on the FLBA Chapter of DSDCTA’s General Membership Meeting in August.  The chapter will be actively encouraging their members to participate in the Annual DSDCTA Regional Championship Schooling Show hosted and sponsored for DSDCTA by Willowbend and NWFL Chapter of DSDCTA on September 24.  FLBA will also be hosting a Matt McLaughin Dressage Clinic on Oct 1 and 2.  If you would like more information about the clinic please contact Tashina Heiser at  basiliorhf@gmail.com or you can call 941-730-9150.


Horse Country is gearing up for the June 25th Tack Shack Yard Sale in Ocala.  They will be renting several tables.  EJ will be bringing her EQUICIZER for people to test saddles and /or just ride for a few dollars.  They hope to finalize a fall clinic within the next few days.  If that happens, they will distribute fliers offering prices, times, etc and auditors for the clinic will be $10.


As always I like to include something of interest for all of us, so I have decided to reprint “How to Organize a Community Horse Show.”

Putting on a community horse show is not as daunting as you might think at first.  “Think that this is going to be fun, successful, team-building experience,” says Sue Mullins.  The Richmond, VA, horse show director for the state’s Atlantic Rural Exposition recommends teaming up with a charity and making the event a fund raiser.  This brings in additional publicity and volunteer help.

Next, round up the volunteers.  “It’s important to find enough volunteers so nobody is overwhelmed by the chores,” says Mullins.  Appoint someone as the Show Chair.  Keep that title honorific, if you can….in other words, not for pay.  “Small shows don’t need to pay anybody except, perhaps, the judge.  Even that might not be necessary in some cases if you offer the judge an honorarium.  Often, if the show is raising funds for a charity the judge firmly believes in, he or she may forgo the honorarium,” says Mullins.

A one day show requires a manager, judge, ringmaster or stewards, announcer, recording secretary, entry booth secretary, gate keepers, ring crew, scorers, runners, several floaters and probably a concession stand.

Sit down with your group and brainstorm as to whom you will send a prize list to.  You need to have a good mailing list.  Of course the first show is the hardest, but after the first one you’ll have the names and addresses of all the participants.  For the first show, Mullins recommends a think tank.

Figure out what classes you will have and the fees and prizes.

Posting the prize list in tack shops, feed stores, local gas stations, running a few classified ads, and on FaceBook will help to let people know about your show.  Also contact the local newspaper and local equine/farm publications.

Then, figure out the cost of producing the event.  Mullins suggests starting with the hard costs, such as ribbons, trophies, arena/ring rental and public address system. (DSDCTA has our own PA System stored at NWFL/Willowbend). Then set out about 90 days ahead of time to find class sponsors.  Don’t set the stakes too high.

Plan to get there early on the morning of the show: if the show starts at 9, your volunteers should be in place at 7, with the entry window opening at 8.  Mullins says you must have all the entries, numbers, pencils, pens, stall cards, revised prize lists with sponsors names, clipboards and refreshments for the volunteers and judge.

Following the show, send the results to your local newspaper,  GMO TEMPO and send thank you letters to volunteers, officials and sponsors.  Update the entry lists for the next show.

In the next TEMPO I hope to continue with the duties of each of the volunteer positions, Guide for Scribes, Some Reminders for Runners and Ring Stewards.

The next TEMPO publication will be in October!


Ruthanne Faine-Gardner, President of DSDCTA


Reminder:  Important Dates:

August 2nd Next DSDCTA Board Meeting via Conference Call 7PM Eastern

September 30th  Score Submission to DSDCTA Awards Chair

October 15th Scores Finalized