DSDCTA Well Represented at USDF National Convention in St. Louis

Our Group: Linda Lester; Walt Dover; Carol Dover; Jodie Kelly: Kimmie Taylor; Harry Taylor; Amanda Stewart; Mimi Mallory; Sherri Mallory & Pete Mallory

The Gang:  Linda Lester, Walt & Carol Dover, Jodie Kelly, Kimmie & Harry Taylor, Amanda Stewart, Mimi, Sherri & Pete Mallory.    Not pictured Jan Fernald

DSDCTA Well Represented at USDF National Convention
in St. Louis

Congratulations are in order for DSDCTA as it was well represented at the USDF National Convention in St. Louis this past December. Several members attended the convention for educational purposes, including Jan Fernald, Linda Lester, Jodie Kelly and Carol Dover. Jan is headed for certification as a technical director and the convention offered several beneficial courses for her. Linda is the show secretary guru for ECC and always in search of new ideas and fine-tuning her skills. Other members attended the convention as they were to be recognized at the Annual Gala. Those included: Jodie Kelly, Carol Dover, Kimberly Taylor, Mary Mallory and Amanda Stewart.

It is exciting to know that DSDCTA has membership and riders which stand out at the national level. Jodie Kelly and Carol Dover’s horse, Shirocco were awarded Champion, Horse of the Year at Second Level with 75.015. Jodie also received Reserve Champion, Horse of the Year at Third Level on Beth Godwin’s horse, Caymus with 74.872.

The Adequan All-Breeds Awards had several DSDCTA members as receipients. For the All-Breeds, KWPN-NA:  At First Level, JR/YR Mary “Mimi” Mallory and her horse, Won Direction, received Reserve Champion with 65.0. Mimi and Won Direction received Champion JR/YR at Second Level as well with 64.817. Kimberly Taylor and her horse, Zyedeco, received Champion at Second Level in both the AA and Vintage categories with 69.085. Jodie Kelly and Beth Godwin’s horse, Caymus, received Champion, Open at Third Level with 74.872. What a sight to have three DSDCTA riders on stage for the KWPN-NA All-Breeds presentation.

In the Adequan All-Breeds Awards for American Rhineland Studbook, Carol Dover and her horse Shirocco received Reserve Champion, AA with a 64.118. Jodie Kelly and Shirocco received Champion, Open at Second Level with a 75.015.

Receiving both her Bronze and Silver medals was Amanda Stewart who achieved these goals on her quarter horse, Heza High Expectation. Way to go Amanda!!

DSDCTA is very proud of these ladies for their accomplishments and representation!

Written by: Sherri Mallory


Jodie Kelly and Shirocco receive Champion, Horse of the Year, Second Level.  Caymus receives Reserve Champion, Horse of the Year, Third Level.

Amanda Stewart receives Bronze and Silver Medals!

Carol Dover & Jodie Kelly receive American Rhineland

Studbook All-Breeds Awards.

KWPN-NA All-Breeds Awards:  Jodie Kelly,

Mimi Mallory & Kimmie Taylor.

Jodie, Mimi & Kimmie:  KWPN-NA – Sweep!

Mimi Mallory & Won Direction KWPN-NA

All-Breeds, JR/YR, Champion Second Level,

Reserve Champion First Level.

Kimmie Taylor and Zyedeco, KWPN-NA

All-Breeds, AA & Vintage, Champion Second Level.

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